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New Features of PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0 TDM & More

What’s up guys? PUBG Mobile update 0.13.0 is coming finally, and the long wait is over. This evening, Tencent Games has released the patch notes for PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0 version. The game was taken offline on June 11 morning from UTC time 00:00 to 08:00 and the latest version made available for download on Playstore and Appstore for both Android and iOS devices respectively. Let’s take a look at the patch notes for the new features coming in PUBG Mobile.

Here are the Patch Notes and New Features of PUBG Mobile update 0.13.0

PUBG Mobile Maintenance for Update Notice
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The update size will be 1.98GB for Android and 2.45GB for iOS devices. That’s a massive update players will get for the Battle Royale Game this time around.

PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Update
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Maintenance Notice PUBG Mobile
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PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0
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PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0 June 12 released
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PUBG Update for Android and iOS
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PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0 Version for Android iOS
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So, that’s all the patch note screenshots of the upcoming PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0 Version we have. Once again, it will be unavailable tomorrow, i.e, 11 June from 00:00 UTC to 08:00 UTC for maintenance. During this time, updates will be released.

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When will PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0 Version be Available for Download?

As you can see from the above notes, the update has been rolled out on both Google Playstore and Apple Appstore on 12 June 2019. You will need to maintain enough space on your device to be able to download the update. The update size is already given in the first screenshot of the patch notes.

Main Features of PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0

While we liked the overall update though massive, the Team Death Match or TDM is one of the prominent features of the latest PUBG Mobile update. It’s better than the Arcade mode while in a way very similar to it. You can respawn continuously after every death, kill 2-3 enemies who are standing together and get Combos.

PUBG Mobile Team Death Match (TDM) Mode.
PUBG Mobile TDM Scoreboard

The MVP features upon winning where the Most Valued Player (MVP) get full page featured is also very nicely done. The TDM is hoever, more suitable for people with quick and accurate reactions, as I have always mentioned that these are one of the rarest and most sough after skills in PUBG Mobile and similar games. What’s your take on it? Do let us know what you like in the latest version of PUBG Mobile Update.

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