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Hello Mac Lovers, How are you All? So, you have already seen Windows users “Killing it” with Android Emulators. And now you are wondering how can I play PUBG Mobile on Mac, right? Well, don’t bother, it’s simple and You will be playing PUBG Mobile on Mac in the next few minutes. All you need to do is, Follow the Steps that are given in this Article. Let’s get Started.

You Too Can Play PUBG Mobile on Mac

There are two ways using which you can Play PUBG Mobile on your Mac OS. Number One is Installing a compatible Android Emulator Software and other is Using the Virtual Machine. Click on the Method you are interested in to get detailed information.

  1. Play PUBG Mobile on Mac using Android Emulator Software
  2. Play PUBG Mobile on Mac OS using Virtual Machine Software

Method 1: Using Android Emulator

This is more or less the same process followed by Windows users. You can play PUBG Mobile on Mac just as on Windows by simply using an Android Emulator.

So what do you need?

  1. Of course, the first requirement is Mac System. All Mac OS versions are compatible, so doesn’t matter which mac os version you are using, it could be mac os x or any other.
  2. Another thing we need is an Android Emulator Tool that works on Mac. We will be using “Mumu Android Emulator”.

Download PUBG Mobile on Mac OS

There is no Official emulator support for Mac OS users. The official Emulator for PUBG Mobile i.e. Tencent Gaming Buddy currently supports only “Windows”. After long research, I found the best Emulator to play Pubg mobile on Mac. It’s none other than “Mumu Android Emulator” for Mac. Here’s how to Play PUBG Mobile on Mac using Mumu Emulator.

Download Mumu Emulator for Mac

Steps to Play PUBG Mobile on Mac OS using Android Emulator

  • Once you have downloaded and Installed it, Open MUMU emulator on your Mac
  • Click on the Mumu emulator Shortcut to Open up the App

download pubg mobile on mac

Note – MUMU Player for Mac works in the Chinese Language. To understand Steps, Click Here

  • Once you are at the “Dashboard”, Download “apkpure” app
  • Once “Apkpure” app is installed, open it up and Download “PUBG Mobile”
  • As the Download Completes, you will see PUBG Mobile Shortcut in the Dashboard
  • Now open up the app, Login using Facebook or Twitter or as a guest and Start Playing PUBG Mobile on your Mac

Method 2: Using Parallels Desktop

This is an alternative method to work your way round the Mac to play PUBG Mobile on your system. Let’s take a look at it in detail.

Play PUBG Mobile on Mac OS using “Parallels Desktop” 

pubg mobile on mac os using parallels os

“Parallels Desktop” is a software that creates a virtual environment within your Mac. it’s similar to “Virtual Box” in Windows.

  • Download & Install “Parallels Desktop” on your Mac
  • Once Installed, Open up “Parallels Desktop” tool and Install “Windows 7 / Windows 8 or Windows 10”
  • Now Access the Installed Windows within “Parallels Desktop”.
  • Download & Install Tencent Gaming Buddy
  • Now, you can Enjoy PUBG Mobile on Mac using Tencent Gaming Buddy with the help of “Parallels Desktop”

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Conclusion : Certainly, there are various methods using which you can Enjoy Playing PUBG Mobile on your Mac OS. You should find out which one is best for you. Now that you know how to Play PUBG Mobile on Mac, Enjoy the game and play it like Windows users have been doing so for ages. Do let us know your experiences and issues in the comments below.

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  1. i tried using Parallels Desktop pubg mobile works but the problem is that i am not able to play the game because of mouse/trackpad sensitivity its so super fast , I tried every possible thing like changing sensitivity in game settings and in operating system as well..

    Any suggestions?

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