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PUBG Mobile Season 5 | Royale Pass, Features (Rewards/Emotes/Vehicles/Weapons)

PUBG Mobile Season 5

Recently, Tencent has rolled out its 0.10.5 update commencing Season 5. This New Update is packed with new features, weapons, outfits, vehicles & Emoji. This Article is dedicated to Share All updates of PUBG Mobile Season 5. 

The Most awaited Zombie mode is missing from Season 5 Update. It is however expected that Tencent can release this anytime from now.

PUBG Mobile Season 5 Royale Pass

The Season 5 Royale Pass is available in the recent update. Interested users can access it by visiting the Royale Pass Section. New Rewards are available. These rewards include Premium Outfits, New & Exciting Emotes etc.

Here are Some Exciting Features of PUBG Mobile Season 5 Update :

  • New Rifle (MK47 Mutant)
  • New Attachment, Laser Sight for Better Accuracy
  • Vikendi¬†Map now gives the Option to the Players to Add their Custom gameplay Rooms
  • Players Now have the Option to Turn Off Announcements (“Welcome to PUBG Mobile, “We Will be Taking Off Soon”) in the Settings

PUBG Mobile Season 5 Release Date

The PUBG Mobile Season 5 Has Started from 21st January 2019.

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass

Season 5: Rewards List

  • New Thumbs Up Emote
  • New Robo Dance Emote
  • New on the Ground Emote
  • New SKS Skin
  • New Outfits etc.

Let’s take a Look at the New Emotes

PUBG Mobile Season 5 Update Dance Emotes

View the video below to See the New PUBG Mobile Season 5 Emotes :

I hope this Article gave you information regarding PUBG Mobile Season 5 Release Date, New Dance Emotes, Features etc. Feel Free to leave your Comments Below.


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