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PUBG Mobile TDM Mode (Team DeathMatch) Review & Tips to Win

PUBG Mobile TDM Mode allows you to play against another team of 4 members. It’s a 4 vs 4 match between only two teams – all real players, fighting for the maximum kill while preventing the number of deaths.

After a good month’s wait, PUBG Mobile came with a massive update which incorporates new features such as TDM Mode or Team DeathMatch Mode. The TDM Mode came with the latest 0.13.0 version released on 12 June 2019. We, at PUBGMobileonPC blog, also tried this new mode in the latest update and in short, are impressed. Let’s take a quick review and also share some tips to win in PUBG Mobile TDM Mode, shall we?

What is TDM and How to Play PUBG Mobile TDM Mode?

TDM Mode is the short for Team DeathMatch Mode. The feature came earlier for Call of Duty Mobile and it seems to be taken from it, well, at least the idea if not the full feature. How to play PUBG Mobile TDM Mode? So basically, TDM is more like Arcade mode which is already in PUBG Mobile. But the difference lies in that TDM Mode allows you to play against another team of 4 members. It’s a 4 vs 4 match between only two teams – all real players, fighting for the maximum kill while preventing the number of deaths.

PUBG Mobile TDM Mode Score

The Start of The Match in Team DeathMatch

You are provided with ARs, Shot Guns, Bolt Action Rifles along with attachments of your choice before the start of the game. You have about 10 seconds to select the weapons you would like to use. The game starts with a training room-like area to select guns. There are no throwables to pick up at the start though. The two teams will approach each other from opposite direction and fight for the maximum kill. It is also noteworthy that you do not need any First Aid Kit, or Medic Kit to recover your health from the damages you’ve dealt with as automatic health recovery is available. So while you are busy shooting your enemies, your health will recover itself in about 5-10 seconds.

Our Review of PUBG Mobile TDM Mode

We love the added new feature of PUBG Mobile TDM Mode in 0.13.0 Version. It’s especially a great fun for those with high adrenaline and want a hot zone direct shootout with unlimited respawns. The game will end in 8 minutes and you can win or loss even in the very last minute. It’s a good warm up game and also addictive. I am an impatient player who love pushing actively so i personally appreciate that Tencent Games has added this new feature. Nothing much to criticize about, it’s a great feature.

Tips to Win TDM Mode in PUBG Mobile

As the name suggest, it’s a DeathMatch so it’s suppose to be a lot like landing in Military Base with 3-4 other Squads or Booth Camp in Sanhok. Be prepared for the most intense fight with unlimited respawn after every kill but for a limited time. It’s a good start to head out with two ARs – preferable an M416 and AKM or M762 for reasons you already know. You can get the M246 Machine Gun inside the Hall/Barn in the middle if you get there first. Snipers are alright, they have one shot one kill but you will really need to be accurate in your aim and in a game like PUBG Mobile TDM Mode, there’s hardly a time to wait and aim patiently. Frag Granades sometimes helps but you can’t be using the all the time.

Tips for PUBG Mobile TDM Mode

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More Tips to Win TDM Match

With that, go in on either side as soon as the match starts. Take position. Go prone if you’re already spotted otherwise it’ll be useless. If not spotted, you’ll deal less damage and get more kills. One very important thing about attachment is not to use 4x which you already have before the start of the game. You will not need it in such a small area with that kind of intensity. A red dot and 2x scope works very well. Also know that switching between ARs (if you’re having 2) is way faster than reloading when taking down multiple enemies. Change your position often and do not lean out or peek from the same sport more than twice!

More importantly, keep an eye on the score counter at the top bar to see which team is leading. If your team is leading, it’s alright to be aggressive. However, if you are trailing, it’s better to play a little safe and avoid being killed. As I have always emphasized, quick reaction along with high accuracy is the ultimate trick to win PUBG Mobile TDM mode. This is applicable in every other game modes as well.

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