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Expect PC Like Gameplay with PUBG Mobile Hardcore Mode – Know Everything Here!

pubg mobile hardcore mode

I am a regular PUBG Mobile Player. I have also tried playing PUBG on PC. To be honest, the PC version of PUBG is very competitive. Main reason behind this is that you don’t get Shooter’s Direction there and Foot Steps are also not that much loud. Also there is no auto pick up, Auto door opening.What if same happens in PUBG Mobile ? 

This has actually happened with the latest update because “PUBG Mobile Hardcore Mode” has arrived.

Many people have been discussing about Hardcore mode in PUBG Mobile. That’s why i decided to cover this Topic in Detail. With the recent update, Hardcore mode in PUBG mobile is available for everybody. However, nobody will be forced to play it. It is an additional mode in “Arcade” which you can select.

PUBG Mobile Hardcore Mode

In the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass...