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TGB Tencent Gaming Buddy Player Festival | Lucky Draw Rewards UC, Skins & More

PUBG Mobile Tencent gaming Buddy Festival is Back from 12 June to 24 June. Try your luck to win rewards such as 3850 UC, Scar-L skin, Cotumes, ID rename card, BP Points etc.

PUBG Mobile Publisher Tencent has announced the Tencent gaming Buddy Player Festival 2019. Here’s your chance to get lucky and get rewards such as UC packs, Gun Skins and Costumes completely free! in case you wonder what Tencent Gaming Buddy is, it’s the official PUBG Mobile emulator from it’s own publisher Tencent Mobile. Many players are using TGB to play PUBG Mobile on PC. It’s one of the best emulator available so that you can enjoy PUBG Mobile on a bigger PC or Laptop screen. It’s free and legal and now offers you rewards if you get lucky.

Tencent Gaming Buddy Player Festival Lucky Rewards

PUBG TGB Tencent Gaming Buddy Player Festival Start and End Time

Tencent Gaming Buddy Player Festival is the first of its kind in the popular Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile. The First TGB Player Festival was held from May 25, 2019 and ended on June 1, 2019. Now, the TGB Player Festival is Back from 12 June to 24 June 2019. During this time you can visit the official website or click this link to PUBG-TGB Player Festival directly to get detailed information on how to participate.

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Tencent Gaming Buddy Lucky Draw

TGB Player Festival Rules to Participate for Exciting Lucky Draw

First, visit the link above and you will be able to find the detailed rules you need to follow to participate in the lucky draw.

  • You need to log in on the website with your google play or Facebook account, just like in the game
  • If you have not yet installed TGB, do so by downloading Tencent gaming Buddy and install for free on your PC
  • Log in to your TGB account. Please note that you need to login using the same account as one you used for website login above.
  • Now from the TGB, start PUBG Mobile game
  • Go back to the website and you will find “Start”. Click on that
  • Click redeem to find if you are lucky and win rewards
  • You can get 3 chances – one by simply logging in, another by laying PUBG Mobile on TGB for 5 minutes and the third by playing PUBG Mobile for 30 minutes.
  • Check out the Video Tutorial Below

What are the Rewards available for TGB Player Festival?

There are many attractive rewards that you can win if you get lucky. Complete the above process to get all the 3 chances to get lucky. Here are a list of the rewards available for Tencent Gaming Buddy Player Festival.

Tencent Gaming Buddy Player Festival Rewards List
  1. 3850 UC Free
  2. Dcamo Scar-L Skin (permanent)
  3. Nightmare Enforcer Set (Costume) for 30 days
  4. Emperor Penguin Set (Costume) for 30 days
  5. Player Rename ID Card
  6. 2xBP Card for 3 days
  7. 128 BP coins
  8. Better luck next time. This is not exactly a reward but you can get unlucky too. Don’t forget that.

The option to redeem your chance for the lucky draw will be available on the bottom right corner below these list of rewards.

Redeem TGB Player Festival Chance for Lucky Draw

Final Words

Keep in mind that the Tencent Gaming Buddy Player Festival is a limited time event. You may get lucky or may not. If you follow the above process carefully, you will be able to get the full 3 chance for the lucky draw. Also note that you can get only 3 from one computer and ID. So go ahead and try your luck and win free exclusive and exciting rewards.

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